May 25, 2022

PRESS RELEASE 12-17-2021
A Rising Force is an all-original Minnesota rock act that announce they have signed a new two album deal with Dark Star Records/Sony/Universal, and will re-release their first album, Undertow, on February 18.

The third single, for the title track "Undertow", is out now, with a brand new music video that has a memorial to their late record company President and friend, Bill Chavis.
"We were incredibly excited to be a part of the Dark Star/Sony/Universal family. There were three labels interested in picking the band up after the untimely passing of Bill and Lori Chavis from HighVolMusic. After navigating the legal challenges and getting an artist release from our current contract, we settled on the label we felt that would best serve the band. We are looking forward to our future relationship, and getting out on the road to promote our new music” - Leni DiMancari, Guitarist

"Undertow is the title track and name of their latest release, and this song has it all, awesome drum and bass grooves, killer guitar riffs, double harmony guitar leads, hard rock vocals and even chants "Hey" "Hey" yeah, this song just rocks, hands down." - Jeffrey A. Swanson / President of Dark Star Records

A Rising Force signed their initial record deal with HighVolMusic in December of 2020 in the middle of a pandemic. The band collectively have had multiple albums released over the years, MMA nominations & awards, and national and international touring backgrounds. Their debut CD Undertow was originally released in May of 2021, and spawned three singles including "Love And War", "Crushed", and "Yesterdaze Hell".

Over 2021, the band has performed to over 20 thousand fans and sold out of the first pressing of the album Undertow. Guitarist Leni DiMancari became part of the ESP artist roster, and bassist Brian Lorenson became endorsed by DNA bass amps.

Both “Crushed” and “Yesterdaze Hell” from the album reached the 97 Underground top ten, charting at #2 and #5 for the entire month of August. Unfortunately, the untimely death of their record company President and Vice President Bill and Lori Chavis to Covid-19 put the release of their next single and video for the title track “Undertow” and the band's future on hold, forcing the band to navigate through the legal challenges of retaining full ownership of their assets and rights to their music back.

They are currently in pre-production for their next studio album, to be released in the late spring of 2022. The music is guitar-driven commercial hard rock combined with 4-part harmonies, and all fronted by an arena rock lead vocalist.

PRESS RELEASE 11-17-2021
Dark Star Records is pleased to announce that A Rising Force has just signed with the Label for a Two Album Deal. Look for the new Single and Music Video for the song “Undertow” available on 12/17/21. Look for the Full Length Album Release of Undertow to be Released on 02/18/22, followed by an all New Album that’s a little more Heavy to be released later in the year.

‘Undertow’ the debut album from A RISING FORCE, the band featuring Mark Westlund (vocals, guitar), Brian Lorenson (bass, vocals), Lane Allen (drums, vocals), and Leni DiMancari (guitars, vocals) is set to release on May 7th, 2021 via HighVolMusic. The album was written in the fall of 2019 through the summer of 2020 and recorded in in the fall of 2020. ‘Undertow’ features 10 tracks including a cover of the WARRANT hit ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’. A RISING FORCE recently signed with HighVolMusic and are putting the final touches on the first video for the single ‘Love and War’.

HighVolMusic is pleased to announce that ‘A RISING FORCE’ has signed with the label for the release of their debut titled ‘Undertow’. ‘A RISING FORCE’ is an all original Minnesota rock act featuring Mark Westlund- Lead Vocals, Guitar Brian Lorenson- Bass, Vocals, Lane Allen- Drums, Vocals, percussion Leni DiMancari- Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards. The band collectively have had multiple albums released, MMA nominations & awards, along with national and international touring backgrounds.

No strangers to the recording industry, guitarist Leni DiMancari (founding member of Hurricane Alice who changed their name to Hericane Alice for Atlantic Records) has recorded with members of Y&T, Le Mans, Cacophony, and Montrose.

Bass player Brian Lorenson and drummer Lane Allen were members of Dare Force. DiMancari, Allen, and Lorenson were all part of the last incarnation of the band prior to ‘A RISING FORCE’.

Their motto is “Old school rock with a new world attitude” and the album definitely shows it on every track of the debut of ‘A RISING FORCE’. The music is guitar-driven commercial hard rock combined with 4-part harmonies, and all fronted by an arena rock lead vocalist. The songs are all real-life experiences and stories about life, love, loss, heartache, and the world around us. Release date details are forthcoming.

"Great song! Looking forward to hearing more. MN hard rock!"

"Amazing!! Great vocals! All around great tune!"

"Ooozing with sweet vintage metal sound!"

"You guys sound awesome!!! Absolutely love it!!!"



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